Yealink MVC S60 and S90 Video Conferencing Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Yealink MVC S60 and S90 Video Conferencing Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Yealink proudly presents the MVC S60 and MVC90 video conferencing systems with cutting-edge technology best suited for mid-size businesses and large corporate offices. These room video conferencing systems have built-in AI features that make them stand out from the rest of the competitors.

The best part is that these video conferencing systems take the communication quality of a boardroom or meeting room to the next level. These products are equipped with multiple devices that seamlessly work together to turn a board or meeting room into an advanced teleconferencing space.

If you're ready to explore the top-notch features of Yealink MVC S60 and MVC S90 room conferencing systems, then go through the rest of the article.

This piece is going to give you some perspective on what impact these room conferencing systems could bring to a workplace.

So without any further ado, let's get right into it.

Yealink MVC S60

The MVC S60 is an excellent solution for mid-sized businesses to turn their meeting rooms into Microsoft Teams collaboration rooms. It contains a complete video and audio kit for transforming a meeting area into an innovative meeting space.

Moreover, this advanced room conferencing system ensures that all participants of the meeting or board room get heard, seen, and noticed. This communication system flawlessly works with any type of conference table. It's safe to say that room video conferencing has never been easier.

The Yealink MVC S60 video conferencing kit includes:

  • A powerful SmartVision 60 all-in-one audio and video device with a 360-degree 10K panoramic wide-angle camera, built-in high-definition speaker, and top-notch microphones
  • The MTouch Plus touch console system to monitor, control, and analyze the video conferencing system
  • The MCore Pro Mini PC provides processing capacity to operate the room conferencing system
  • The mini PC ensures that the user can connect a USB, HDMI, or other input devices to the room conferencing system

These accessories make the MVC S60 a well-equipped video conferencing device to transform meeting room communication at any workplace.

Yealink MVC S90

The Yealink MVC S90 is an advanced video conferencing kit for large spaces. It's a perfect solution for turning large-scale offices into video conference rooms using the power of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.

The Yealink MVC S90 is designed to adjust for every type of seating arrangement regardless of the conference room size. It doesn't matter whether the conference or meeting room has a large rectangular table, a curved panel-like table, or classroom-style seating.

This room video conferencing kit is easy to implement and use for everyone. Therefore, a little bit of training for the employees or staff would do the job.

The MVC S90 video conferencing system includes:

  • An AVHub that works as a video and audio processor for video conferencing and accommodates the control of cameras, microphones, speakers, etc.
  • A RoomSensor feature detects the room occupancy and helps others stand the current status of the video conference or meeting room
  • A couple of WPP30 4K wireless presentation pods used for flawless content-sharing across different devices in the conference or meeting room
  • It's also equipped with MTouchPlus and MCore Pro Mini PC

Yealink MVC S90 is an excellent video conferencing system best suited for large offices, conference rooms, and meeting halls.

Yealink MVC S90 and MVC S60: Top AI Features

Yealink MVC S90 and MVC S60 are efficient, high-end, and innovative video conferencing devices with artificial intelligence integration. These devices have numerous cutting-edge capabilities to transform video conferencing with high-quality collaborative features across multiple remote locations.

Let's take a look at some of the best AI features of these devices:

Intelliframe Feature

One of the most advanced features of MVC S90 and MVC S60 are AI-powered cameras. While the MVC S60 can display a 360° angle while capturing video conferencing, the MVC S90 can track and focus on the speaker in the room.

It smartly detects the person who is speaking up zooms in to create a perfect frame and ensures that the subject is properly centered and focused.

No wonder this intelliframe technology tracks all the non-verbal behaviors, facial expressions, and body language to figure out the subject. Hence, it makes sure that the person in action gets the spotlight.

video conferencing

Microsoft 365 Copilot Compatibility

The Yealink MVC S60 and MVC S90 are state-of-the-art video conferencing kits with AI capabilities. These systems seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft Teams platform. It makes these video conferencing systems compatible with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a successor to Cortana and is now powered by GPT-4, which is OpenAI's latest language model. As a result, it empowers the Copilot-based systems to perform quick collaborative tasks with more precision.

It's crystal clear that the integration of AI with such room video conferencing tools will continue to evolve and the interaction between these communication systems with humans will get more natural and easier.

Let's Conclude

To truly harness the power of artificial intelligence for creating a collaborative teleconferencing environment, the use of such video conferencing kits is a must. Not only would it help team members to adapt to the latest technology, but it would also infuse the AI into the workflow.

Since AI is the new normal in today's world, adopting an innovative, AI-powered communication system is the way forward.

Setting up the Yealink MVC S60 or MVC S90 will be a step forward in modernizing the video conferencing system at a workplace as it would turn out to be a doorway to newness.

Moreover, it's essential to acclimatize with innovative and emerging AI technologies in the telecommunication and video conferencing niches.

Features like Intelliframe and Microsoft Copilot compatibility help these teleconferencing kits reshape the teleconferencing system, replacing traditional video conferencing technology.

Both these Yealink MVC S60 and MVC S90 video conferencing systems could be game-changer in the teleconferencing area.

Which one of these video conferencing systems would you prefer? 

Let us know in the comments section.

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