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We have most of VoIP-ready networking equipment, switches, routers, PoE switches, wireless networking etc now you can expand your IP telephony network or migrate from traditional telephony to IP telephony. We keep top brands in networking you can chose different budget switches without having compromise on quality. Many businesses chose great IP phones, servers but often ignore one of the most basic element of VoIP Network. A good cable and switches play backbone role in VoIP networks and are as impotent as IP phones and PBX appliances. Call us today so we can help you chose right computer hardware networking equipment for you. Another latest trend is PoE switches in IP telephony with some QoS built-in rather then giving power from AC-DC adopters and messy power cabling you had better chose PoE enabled switches as they are in budget now. QoS gives priority to voice packets so you get good voice Quality end-to-end in network. We provide standard warranty and have close business relationships with top brands you never get delays in after-sale services in fact most of our customers are repeating buyers.

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