The New Wireless WiFi Phone from LINKVIL: Everything You Need to Know

The New Wireless WiFi Phone from LINKVIL: Everything You Need to Know

Businesses thrive on building connections with people, whether it’s a social media ad, TV commercial, or billboard - the goal is to reach out to the people and send the message across. 

Since it’s the age of technology, artificial intelligence, and quick communication, the advancement of gear has become a new normal. A lot of companies are embracing wireless communication systems to skyrocket their growth, connectivity, and collaboration to serve customers better than ever.

Fanvil Technology is proud to introduce its sister-concern company named LINKVIL. It’s a company that offers state-of-the-art wireless communication solutions.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

W610W is the latest wireless WiFi phone from LINKVIL. It comes with several note-worthy features, such as a color screen, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, vibration alerts, reasonable battery timing, and much more.

Previously, LINKVIL introduced W611W to compete in the wireless WiFi phone category. It’s a powerful wireless WiFi phone with a 2.4-inch color display with a user-friendly interface. 

Undoubtedly, it’s also a versatile wireless device with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth features. The W611W wireless WiFi phone offers IP67-grade waterproofing and dust-proofing protection. 

However, Fanvil proudly announced the W610W wireless WiFi phone and added it to their portfolio of wireless phones. Not only does it have competitive features, but it also has a reasonable price.

LINKVIL W611W vs. LINKVIL W610W: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Features Linkvil W611W Linkvil W610W
Colour Screen 2.4-inch vibrant colour screen for clear display 2-inch colour screen providing visual clarity
WiFi Cutting-edge Built-in WiFi 6 for faster connectivity Standard Built-in WiFi for seamless browsing
Bluetooth Enhanced Built-in 5.0 for efficient pairing Reliable Built-in 5.0 for seamless connections
IP67 Robust IP67 rating ensures waterproof and dust-proof durability Not IP67 rated, therefore not waterproof or dust-proof
Vibration No vibration alerts for silent operation Vibrates to alert for incoming notifications
DSS Keys 16 programmable DSS keys for customizable shortcuts 16 DSS keys for quick access to essential functions
Battery Long-lasting 9 hours talk time for extended usage Provides up to 9 hours of talk time on a single charge
Drop Safe Height Withstands drops from heights of up to 1.8 meters Designed to endure falls from heights of 1.8 meters
Price Positioned at a mid-range price point Available at an affordable, budget-friendly price

The above-mentioned table gives you an inside-out view of the features both wireless WiFi phones have to offer.

Why You Should Use a Wireless WiFi Solution

Let us share some of the benefits of opting for a wireless WiFi solution so that it makes it easier for everyone to switch to this phone technology:

A cost-effective solution as compared to analog phone

A wireless WiFi solution is comparatively more cost-effective than the traditional analog communication system. No doubt that the user can significantly reduce the telecommunication system cost by switching over to a WiFi phone.

Wireless WiFi phones such as Linkvil W610W and W611W are IP phones, which means that they’re based on IP network communication. Usually, such phones don’t require a monthly subscription or fee. So, when businesses make high-quality, long calls to other IP devices on the same network, they can save a ton of money by avoiding the use of expensive landlines or mobile networks.

Portable WiFi phones improve work efficiency

Productivity at work is a game-changer in the corporate cultures. One of the aspects of achieving productivity is to create a system of fast, quick communication between the team members. 

Portable WiFi phones come in handy when team members have to communicate with mobile workers. Thus, remote communication using a wireless WiFi device becomes a viable option.

The W610W and W611W wireless WiFi phones from LINKVIL are excellent options. These WiFi phones are portable, equipped with belt clips, and come with a 3.5mm headphone jack, making it easier for workers to free up their hands while working on the site.

Get rid of a wired phone connection

Wired phones are like old news - no one wants to hear about them, especially in workplaces and corporate offices. Plus, these traditional, wired phones often cause technical difficulties, wiring malfunctions, and distortion issues. 

Getting a wireless WiFi phone and hopping on a wireless network takes a lot of pain away. All you need is to choose the best wireless WiFi phone device and network connection and forget about the phone wiring troubleshooting.

Above all, WiFi connections are easier to scale, quick to connect, and accessible to everyone on board, depending on the location and coverage. 

Durable connectivity during challenging situations

One of the aspects of a wireless WiFi phone is that how it withstands difficult circumstances and challenging situations. Sometimes, wired phone connections get wrecked during thunderstorms, floods, and other catastrophes, whereas wireless WiFi networks survive during these challenging times.

Take the LINKVIL W611W wireless WiFi phone that has an IP67 rating, which showcases that it can work even underwater up to 1 meter deep at normal temperature for up to 30 minutes. Moreover, it can withstand the drop from a height of 1.8 meters. 

Quick response to emergencies

Some smartphones have an SOS feature that is used for sending an emergency message to the pre-defined contacts in the settings. The purpose of such a feature is to ensure that swift action can be taken in case of an emergency. 

A lot of wireless WiFi phone devices come with a PTT button that triggers the security alarms or sends an emergency message to the authorities to report an incident or emergency.

Ready to Embrace Wireless Communication for Your Business?

No doubt that wireless communication technology has taken the world by storm. There are several benefits of wireless and WiFi connections over traditional wired phone connections.

Not only do wireless connections reduce operational costs, but they’re less prone to getting affected the natural catastrophes. Furthermore, wireless networks improve efficiency, enhance security, and provide effective communication.

We discussed LINKVIL W610W and W611W wireless WiFi phones which are state-of-the-art devices in this category. And, we’ll keep you posted about the latest wireless WiFi devices, so stay tuned.

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