OpenVox Introduces MAG1100: A New Analog Gateway With Extended Ports

OpenVox Introduces MAG1100: A New Analog Gateway With Extended Ports

OpenVox has just announced MAG1100; a new analog gateway with extended connectivity ports. It's a powerful, diverse analog gateway for flawless connectivity across multiple IP communication devices and VOIP gateways.

The OpenVox MAG1100 provides a secured and seamless connection between IPPBX, fax machines, operators, and analog phones. It supports 48/72/96 FXS interfaces with a modular design that makes the addition and removal of module boards easier than ever.

The features that make MAG1100 stand out are: 

  • RJ21 interface modules
  • Two 100Mbps ethernet ports
  • One console port
  • One SFP port

Furthermore, it's a high-end gateway device that makes simultaneous voice and fax processing possible without interruption. Due to its premium quality and effective performance, it's a viable analog gateway for call centers, organizations, universities, and corporate offices.

The OpenVox MAG1100 is fully compatible with the OIAD gateway system made by OpenVox. Its versatility makes it convenient and a clear choice as it supports different codecs, such as G.711A, G.711U, G.729A, G.722, G.726, iLBC, and others.

The OpenVox MAG series uses standard SIP protocol, which makes it compatible with top-notch VoIP platforms, IPPBX, and SIP servers. These supportive channels include Asterisk, Issabel, 3CX, FreeSWITCH, BroadSoft, and VOS VoIP operating platforms.

OpenVox Communication Ltd is an excellent provider of IP communication systems, VoIP gateways, and Asterisk solutions. Their high-quality communication devices and systems make them a leading player in the industry.

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