Low Price Video Conference Package-1

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Low price fully fledged Video Conference package with installation capable of running most famous free Video conferencing applications like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or anything that can be installed on windows 10 or run in web browser


Calisto P620 Bluetooth Wireless Speakerphone from Plantronics Price VC package 1 - Includes

  • -Logitech PTZ Pro 2 10X zoom
  • -Plantronics speaker Phone
  • - Wireless keyboard Mouse
  • - MCU Main Control Unit
  • - LED screen (Bring your own)\

This system works with Zoom, gmail meeting, Whatsapp and skype or anythingt hat runs on windows 1

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 10X Optical zoom

10X Optical Zoom Video Conference Camera gives you great video quality experience at low price. Similar  quality solutions in market cost over half a million rupees. PTZ Pro 2 is remote controlled camera that can focus farthest VC participant without losing pixels. It comes with 5 presets camera positions  which gives you flexibility of showing your meetings from different angles.

Plantronics speaker Phone

The Calisto P620 Bluetooth Wireless Speakerphone from Plantronics iis long range Mic+speaker in a box that can connect to your PC or smartphone seamlessly. This very component of this package hel us implement VC wireless there would be no wire

MCU Main Control Unit

Capable of connecting PTZ Camera, Speaker Phone and wireless keyboard and Mouse MCU intel based machine gives you Full HD video conference experience. This Windows based platform can run any video conference application or hosted solutions as well. For more sound extra speakers can be added

Note: : LP VC package-1 is ideal for small to medium size rooms maximum recommended room 25 feet and participants sitting on both sides of table

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