TPLink CPE 610 Outdoor 23dBi 5Ghz 300Mbps


Tp-Link 5GHz 300Mbps 23dBi Outdoor CPE CPE610 Up to 300Mbps1 on 5GHz wireless data rates 23dBi high-gain directional 2×2 MIMO antenna it help you create multi-point and point-to-point strong radio link effective range as tested is 5 km.


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TP-Link CPE610 5GHz 300Mbps 23dBi Outdoor CPE


  • Up to 300Mbps on 5GHz wireless data rates
  • 23 dBi high-gain directional Cassegrain antenna incorporating 2x2 MIMO technology and a dedicated metal reflector, ideal for long-distance applications
  • Excellent beam directivity, improved latency and noise cancellation
  • Innovative snap-lock parts make assembly simple and convenient
  • Pole mount kits and the freedom of three-axis alignment facilitate flexible installation
  • Sturdy structural design keeps CPE610 stable even in strong winds
  • Durable IP65 weatherproof enclosure along with 15 kV ESD and 6 kV lightning protection ensures all-weather suitability
  • TP-Link Pharos MAXtream TDMA technology improves throughput, capacity and latency performance
  • Pharos Control gives administrators a free, centralized management system
  • AP / Client / Bridge / Repeater / AP Router / AP Client Router (WISP) operation modes
  • Passive PoE supports to allow flexible deployment and convenient installation
  • Small and lightweight boxes benefit shipping, logistics and retail


2×2 MIMO MAXtream TDMA

23dBi directional antenna and professional structural stability for long-distance outdoor Wi-Fi transmission

  • 23dBi Directional Antenna
  • Easy Assembly & Flexible Installation
  • Wind-resistant Construction
  • IP65 Weatherproof Enclosure
  • 6KV Lightning Protection & 15KV ESD Protection

Professional-standard 23dBi Directional Antenna for Long-range Wireless Transmission

ith 23dBi high-gain directional 2×2 MIMO Cassegrain antenna and dedicated metal reflector, the CPE610 provides excellent beam directivity, improved latency and noise immunity. Professional performance, coupled with user-friendly design, makes the 5GHz 300Mbps 23dBi Outdoor CPE610 an ideal choice and cost effective solution for outdoor wireless networking applications.

Stable Structural Design and Flexible Installation

  • Snap-lock parts make assembly simple and convenient
  • Pole mount kits and the freedom of three-axis alignment facilitate flexible installation
  • Sturdy design ensures stability in windy conditions

Compact and Lightweight Packaging

Small and lightweight boxes benefit shipping, logistics and retail.

Pharos Control – Centralized Management System

CPE610 comes equipped with Pharos Control centralized management software, helping users easily manage all devices in their network from a single PC. Functions include device iscovery, status monitoring, firmware upgrading, and network maintenance. An intuitive web-based interface PharOS - provides an alternative management method, and allows professionals to access more detailed configurations.


Hardware Features


Qualcomm 560MHz CPU, MIPS 74Kc


64MB DDR2 RAM,8MB Flash


1 10/100Mbps Shielded Ethernet Port (LAN/POE)

1 Reset Button

Power Supply

Passive Power over Ethernet via LAN (+4,5pins; -7,8pins)

Voltage range: 16-27VDC


360 x 280 x 207 mm (14.4 x 11.0 x 8.1 in.) (No mount)

Antenna Gain


Antenna Beamwidth

9(Azimuth), 7(Elevation)


15KV ESD Protection

6KV Lightning Protection


Material: Outdoor PC stabilized plastic

Weatherproof: IP65 water and dust proof design

Wireless Features

Wireless Standards

IEEE 802.11a/n

Proprietary Protocol

TDMA Mode (with Pharos MAXtream enabled)

Wireless Speeds

Up to 300Mbps (40MHz,Dynamic)

Up to 144.4Mbps (20MHz,Dynamic)

Up to 72.2Mbps (10MHz,Dynamic)

Up to 36.1Mbps (5MHz,Dynamic)



Transmit Power

Max. 29dBm/790mW (Adjustable power by 1dBm)

Software Features

Operating Modes

AP / Client / Bridge / Repeater / AP Router / AP Client Router (WISP Client)

Network Configuration

WAN: Static/Dynamic/PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP

LAN: Static/Dynamic/DHCP

Forwarding: DMZ/ALG/UPnP/Virtual Server/Port Trigger

Security: SPI Firewall/ Ping Forbidden/VPN/DoS Protection

Access Control

Static Routing

Bandwidth Control

IP & MAC Binding

Wireless Configurations

Pharos MAXtream TDMA Technology

Selectable Channel Width: 5/10/20/40MHz

Auto Channel Selection

Transmit Power Control

Dynamic Frequency Selection(DFS)

WDS Enable/Disable

Security: WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP) Encryption,

64/128/152-bit WEP Encryption

SSID Broadcast Enable/Disable

Multi-SSID with VLAN Tagging(AP Mode only)

Distance/ACK Timeout Setting

Wireless MAC Address Filter

Wireless Advanced:

Beacon Interval/RTS Threshold/Fragmentation Threshold/DTIM Interval/AP Isolation/Short GI/Wi-Fi Multimedia


Discovery and Remote Management via Pharos Control application

HTTP/HTTPS Web-based management

System log

SNMP Agent(v2c)

Ping Watch Dog

Dynamic DDNS

SSH Server

System Tools

Indicators:Signal Strength/Noise/Transmit CCQ/CPU/Memory

Monitors: Throughput/Stations/Interfaces/ARP/Routes/WAN/DHCP

Spectrum Analyzer

Speed Test



System-Level Optimizations

Optimized IGMP Snooping/Proxy for multicast applications

Hardware watch dog




Package Contents

Outdoor Wireless CPE

24V 0.5A Passive PoE Adapter

Pole Mounting Straps

AC Power Cord

Installation Guide

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, MAC OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux.

Note: We recommend you to use one of following Web browsers for an improved user experience: Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. IE browsers are not recommended.


Operating Temperature

-40°C~70 °C(-40°F~158°F)

Storage Temperature


Operating Humidity

10%~90% non-condensing

Storage Humidity

5%~95% non-condensing

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TPLink CPE 610 Outdoor 23dBi 5Ghz 300Mbps

TPLink CPE 610 Outdoor 23dBi 5Ghz 300Mbps

Tp-Link 5GHz 300Mbps 23dBi Outdoor CPE CPE610 Up to 300Mbps1 on 5GHz wireless data rates 23dBi high-gain directional 2×2 MIMO antenna it help you create multi-point and point-to-point strong radio link effective range as tested is 5 km.

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