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Terms and conditions of use

Use in Pakistan and PTA

Anyone who intends to use VoIP products and services within Pakistan is advised to follow PTA "Pakistan Telecommunication rules 2000 and should also follow any latest on PTA rules and regulations. VoIPPakistan or its sister company will not be responsible for any use of the Equipment.

Mobile Jammers

Mobile Jammers is prohibited in Pakistan, Buyer must provide clearence NOC certificate obtained from Ministry of informaion and Pakistan telecommunication Authority before purchase. More details can be found here.

Use of VoIP in Pakistan

According to PTA public notice last updated 22 December 2011. PTA encourage legal and authorized use of VoIP. under the present "Technology Netural Liciening" LL, LDI and PTA PSEB approved call center can use and buy VoIP GSM gateways. VoIPPakistan provide products and services in "good faith" therefore any buyer should provide PO or formal written proof as it is authorized to use VoIP Equipment in Pakistan otherwise present oversear shipoment address. In any case VoIPpakistan or any of its concern will not be responsible for illegal use of VoIP.